Aikido in Tbilisi

groups and private lessons for adults
Hello! My name is Andrei.
I am a professional aikido instructor.
I moved to Tbilisi and now we are opening the new aikido club with my friends.
Received 4-th dan aikido aikikai in Japan.
Teaching experience almost 20 years.
Will be happy to see experienced aikidokas and complete beginners from any country in our new dojo!
Teach in Russian and English language.
Groups and private lessons.
Trial class is free.
aikido schedule (adults: 18-65 years)
  • Trial class
  • 1 lesson
    40 LARI
  • aikido 2 times a week (per month)
    200 LARI
  • Unlimited aikido (in one month)
    300 LARI
  • Private lesson
    300 LARI
  • Weapon 2 times a week (per month)
    200 LARI
What do I need to come for a trial aikido class?
You want to have a comfortable sport clothes for practice and some water, if you are used тo drink during or after classes.
No shoes need during the classes - barefoot or socks.
Please, text me in advance a day before you are coming!
- any messenger -
Telegram, WhatsApp or SMS: + 995 597 11 73 36
Walking distance from Delisi M/S
6 Gazapkhuli St, T'bilisi

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All instructors speak English! But still it is hard to explain what aikido is about when you talk to a complete beginner...
So, if you are one of them - just some photos and videos to share our feelings!

Кобаяси сэнсэй. 8-й дан айкидо айкикай
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айкидо для взрослых в Тбилиси
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Сихан Хомбу Додзе
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айкидо для девушек и женщин
айкидо - динамическая медитация
айкидо с палкой и мечом
Айкидо для взрослых. Поработали на камеру )
Европейское айкидо с человеческим лицом
Айкидо для девушек
Самооборона для девушек
Айкидо из Японии - 6-й дан
Айкидо из Японии - 8-й дан
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Айкидо для новичков - немного теории
Айкидо для новичков: и даже это - не на первой тренировке!
Не работает ваше айкидо ))
А тут вообще не айкидо, побаловались ))
Айкидо с оружием: палка
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